Chiara: My august adventure with summer camps

05.09.2022 11:18 EZS Slovensko
Hello there! A month has passed, and I became leader for my first time.
August is over and it was a month full of emotions!!!
During these 31 days I had the opportunity to visit Budapest, Vienna and Presov, and I loved all of them even if I stayed just one day... To be honest Presov was probably my favorite :)

My family came to visit me, and it was beautiful to show them the city and my favorite places. Also, I took them out for eating a traditional Slovak dinner and surprisingly they really loved it! You know... Italians think that the best food it is just in Italy :)
However, during the first few weeks I worked in the office organizing the last things for the workcamp and talking with the girls about my fears and expectations. I also posted my first quiz about Italy on Instagram and then I left Bratislava and lived the experience of my first workcamp as a leader.

Finally, I met the volunteers, and we started the Black Castle workcamp in Zlatno. It was a unique experience in the middle of nowhere, without phone signal and electricity. We were working at the ruins of Black Castle, living in a beautiful cottage, and having fun spending time together. This workcamp gave me the opportunity to fully connect with people and to live the present moment. It was special because we were in contact with the locals even if we had the language barrier! I learnt so many things about cultures, the history of the Black Castle and I learnt how to start a bonfire!!! I wish I could stay more with the volunteers because I had so much fun with them. Actually, with some of them, we met in Bratislava the day after the workcamp to spend more time together. I became really friend with a French girl and as she says "INEX organizes the most incredible workcamps with the funniest people!"
In the end, I enjoyed being a leader and I was ready thanks to the training and all the answers that the girls in the office gave to me, but the help of the local partner and my amazing co-leader, Shannelle was essential!
I still have a workcamp in September and a whole month ahead and I am ready to live it!
Chiara xx 

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