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Amandine: the first steps out of my comfort zone
29.03.2023 15:44

It’s time to review my first month in Slovakia.⏰
First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Amandine, I am 25 years old and I have decided to spend the year 2023 doing volunteering.
That’s why I joined the great team of INEX Slovakia as an ESC volunteer until December!

In this article, I share with you my feelings, how I arrived in Bratislava and experienced my first weeks here!
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Geoffroy : 600 words after 60 days and 600 coffees in Slovakia
30.03.2023 10:10
I am now in Slovakia for two months. The time has passed very quickly. I propose you to discover my first impressions about these last sixty days.
Category: EZS Slovensko
Geoffroy: From the flat country to the little big country
28.02.2023 13:55
Close your eyes and, for one minute, imagine you’ll go in a far far away country you had never visited yet. Is Slovenia being far far away from Belgium? Americans and Russians will tell you it is not. But for me, the little Belgian from his quiet Ardenne Forest, it is. You must know, I am a kind of Bilbo Baggins, the guy who appreciates chilling in his little village without special adventures. Yes, indeed, the province of Luxembourg has some common points with the Shire: a rural place with lot of farms and quiet old people.
Category: EZS Slovensko
Iryna: Final article of the ESC project "Summer leader"
26.10.2022 12:53
Hi guys. I want to update you about my life as ESC volunteer.
Category: EZS Slovensko
Iryna: ESC project five months after beginning
07.10.2022 11:20

Hi, today I want to talk about my volunteering project that is in the middle of its term.

Category: EZS Slovensko
Chiara: last month of the ESC project
28.09.2022 16:53

My last month as an ESC volunteer.

My journey ends with the end of September.

Category: EZS Slovensko
Chiara: My august adventure with summer camps
05.09.2022 11:18
Hello there! A month has passed, and I became leader for my first time.
August is over and it was a month full of emotions!!!
Category: EZS Slovensko
Chiara: My first experience as an ESC volunteer
20.07.2022 13:42

Hello there! My name is Chiara, I am from Italy and it is almost one month that I am here :) as a volunteer within the European Solidarity Corps Programme. 

Category: EZS Slovensko
Iryna: My first month as an ESC volunteer at INEX - June
13.07.2022 12:34
Hello, dear blog readers! My name is Iryna and I want to share with you about my first month as volunteer in Inex.
Category: EZS Slovensko
A Finn in Slovakia - Spring time in April
25.04.2022 14:20
First full month has passed and now I'm going to tell you about my thoughts and experiences during April. I've been doing work at the office, participated to my first training and visited Italy!
Category: EZS Slovensko
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