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My journey continues with lots of experiences!
29.06.2021 12:45
Here you'll find out about all the new activities I did and the trips I've went to. The summer is here so we did lots of new stuff and I hope you like them!
Category: EZS Slovensko
Trips I've taken near Bratislava :)
31.05.2021 13:18
Hello, beautiful people! Today I will tell you about some places I have visited here and I hope to inspire you to take a trip to some of them and see the beauty of nature, which is very close to the center actually. I think you'll find it interesting and das much detailed as possible, so let's begin!
Category: EZS Slovensko
29.04.2021 23:36
So, I have to admit that April passed pretty quickly for me, because I went to some places nearby and had so much fun! I hope you read my post and enjoy it as much as I have.  And here it begins..!
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Here is the start of my exciting journey in Slovakia as ESC volunteer!
07.04.2021 11:59

In this article you are going to learn about my very first trip in Bratislava as an individual and my meeting with local people and flatmates. I am so thrilled that I came to work for INEX as a volunteer and actually interact with new people, peers and colleagues. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. See you soon!

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What did I gain from leading an international voluntary camp at INEX Slovakia?
11.08.2020 11:11
Becoming a good leader comes through learning by doing, often by trial and error. Nonetheless, it is an effective method of learning since the lessons one learns will stay with the person for the rest of their life.
Category: EZS Slovensko
EVS in Slovakia: I crossed my limits and I got to know myself better
11.08.2020 12:09
After leading two international voluntary camps I feel more mature and self-assured, I crossed my limits and I got to know myself better. Overall it was a great experience and I feel grateful for the chance I’ve been given.
Category: EZS zahraničie
EDS denník 2020
04.03.2020 10:43

ESC dobrovoľníci Borja zo Španielska, Mathilda z Holandska a Lea z Francúzska a ich zážitky z projektu "Make a difference" na Slovensku
Category: EZS Slovensko
EDS denník 2019
25.02.2019 14:45

EDS dobrovoľníci Merike z Estónska, Ivan z Francúzska a Elena z Grécka a ich príbehy zo Slovenska
Category: EZS Slovensko
International voluntary camps give you the chance to see the world and to grow up as a person
11.08.2020 13:26
During the summer I lead a camp in Surany. Surany is a small town in the middle south of Slovakia. For this camp, we were 3 leaders and 6 volunteers, they were from: Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine and the camp was for two weeks.
Category: EZS Slovensko
EDS denník 2018
13.03.2018 11:09
Dobrovoľníci Maud z Francúzska, Carina z Holandska a Anhony z Grécka a ich zážitky  z Európskej dobrovoľníckej služby
Category: EZS Slovensko
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