My experiences through July!

17.09.2021 15:25 EZS Slovensko
Here is what we did and where we travelled during summer along with the office :) I hope you enjoy it and many more things are coming!

The beginning of July was very peaceful for me, because mostly I explored some more places around Bratislava. More specifically, I went to Slavin, the historical monument which has great history and also great view. It’s one of the norther parts of the center. Also, I visited Primacialny palace and took a tour to the inside. No photos allowed, but it had great statues, mirrors and the whole aesthetic was warm.

In the middle of July, we started the mid-term training with the National Agency along with the other ESC volunteers. We’ve been in Poprad, at high Tatras, but the weather was foggy and we didn’t go hiking. (We were so sad about that, we really wanted to go). Otherwise, we had the training and it was fun and informative as well. The trainers, Juraj and Monica were very friendly and made us feel like home.

After the training we usually went for walks around the city which has beautiful bridges and rivers. We took a long tour, whilst we had company with each other. We laughed so hard! We were like a school trip. During that time, we suggested some activities that we were fond of and we taught them to the other volunteers, in order to improvise and see our own abilities. It was very interesting to see how you communicate with others and how you react to something you need to present as a new information.

We did some meditation, energizers to boost our good mood and learnt various activities from each other. By the end of the month I was preparing for the upcoming workcamps on August. I am looking forward to it so much! I am excited and I’ll write more about it. Till then, have a great time!

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