A wonderful time in August!

17.09.2021 15:30 EZS Slovensko
August was a very nice month because we began our workcamps that we've waited for so long! :)
Once in a lifetime experience.

The month began promising as I went to my first workcamp for 2021, “Barlicka seniors” at Presov. Along with me there was another leader, Karin, and two other volunteers. Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions they weren’t many participants, but surely we had fun. We started of with some prepared activities such as knowing each other with some easy questions. Then we had prepared crafts, carving and painting some boxes and they enjoyed it a lot, I think just being there for them, because they are most of the time alone.    

The hardest part for me was the language barrier where I couldn’t speak any English so I was depending on the girls. But they were very helpful and always there for me! :)  During the activities I was getting closer to a lady that treated us like her own grandchildren. She was very kind and sweet and gave us candies and snacks for our departure.. so cute!  By the end of the trip we visited Kosice as well and it was very beautiful place!

In the middle of August, we went at Eco slatinka village for environmental work and the team along with the local partner was amazing! Perfect people, kind hearted, ready to help and with a very good group dynamic. The place is magical and everything is done with respect in nature. There is no signal there or WIFI and the experience was something else! You and nature alone! We built some benches, we cleared the 200 year old pear tree, also the apple trees and we cleared the path alongside the forest, for the tourists to have a road to explore.

In addition, we visited the educational path and the “pyramids” which was huge rocks in the top of each other in a high spot inside the village. In our free time we played some games and had BBQ around the fire. It is an experience you must have, especially in this place.. you won’t regret it. :) Be open to new things!

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