Amandine: a bit of rest after this crazy summer

08.11.2023 15:56 EZS Slovensko


It's October review time... After a busy summer, my life is now a bit calmer and quieter... but still full of interesting activities!

In this article, I share with you my experiences, my missions as an ESC volunteer at INEX and my feelings!

The month started quite well for me as I was in Italy... finally a little rest! It was so great to go to the beach, eat good food, enjoy
the sun. Italy is definitively a lovely country… la dolce vita. :-)

Then, when I came back, my friend Naïs arrived in Bratislava from France and we went to the eco village of Slatinka, for a weekend workcamp. It was really nice, like a small digital detox as there is no network there! And also a fun experience to take a shower outside. :-) And we helped to clear meadows and also to store wood.

During this month, I also went to my first ice hockey game: Slovan Bratislava - Poprad. I really liked it, even though I didn't know it was a sport that violent! But I will definitely do it again, the atmosphere was amazing.
And since we're talking about sport... October is my favourite period of the year for hiking! The autumn colors are so beautiful... everything looks so stunning!! It's like paintings. So I did a lot of hikes... with friends or alone, I really enjoyed it.

October also means Halloween… I love this celebration but I quickly realised that it's not really celebrated here in Slovakia. But we still organised a Halloween tea meeting with a part about the history of Halloween and a creative part with bags decoration, wooden figurines, masks etc.

And we also helped people at Integra as they organised a Halloween party for the clients. It was a bit difficult for me at the beginning because some of them have really heavy disabilities... but it was so pleasant to see the smiles on their faces. It clearly encourages me to see life in a different way.  

I also had the opportunity to organise a Climate Fresk in the family center Prešporkovo. It was a good reminder of the basics of climate change and a good way to make links with the causes and consequences of this problem.

Et voilà!! 
November is already underway and I've done a lot of activities and others are planned... so stay tuned for my next article in early December!



Weekend workcamp Slatinka

Naïs in Bratislava ❤️

Ice hockey game 

Autumn hikes

Climate Fresk

Halloween tea meeting

Halloween at Integra

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