Amandine: my last full month here...

05.12.2023 15:19 EZS Slovensko


It's already November review time... The month went by really quickly, right? I feel like it only lasted one week!
Which is not really nice for me, because it means that my leaving is getting closer and closer :-( In two weeks I will be in France!

But I still have a lot to say in this article, sooo enjoy it!! :-)

Many people say that November is the most depressing month of the year... and I can understand because the weather is getting bad and and the days shorter. But this month was quite good for me, because there is always something to do if you want to!

So first, in the beginning of the month I went to a restaurant in Bratislava with a group of french people and we ate a typical meal that I didn't know before: duck, potato pancakes and red cabbage! The combination may seem strange but it was actually really good.

Next, I made a presentation about my trip to Iceland, so I had the opportunity to talk about my exploration of the country and also my workcamp there. I also cooked 2 Icelandic specialities: kleinur, which it's like donut, and a skyr cake. I didn't try but I think people liked it! And also my friend Matej came to Bratislava from Košice especially for this tea meeting, so we spent some time in Bratislava together and with other people and it was very nice.

Two days later, I was on the train to the high Tatras because it was where my mid-term meeting took place. The hotel was so cool, I was very lucky! And the activities we did were mostly about the evaluation of our volunteering project and what to do next. And I realised that I was not the only one worried about the future. :-)
We also went hiking in the area and it was snowing, really amazing! On the last day of this meeting, we talked about the Youthpass which is something we have to fill in before the end of the project, as proof of the realisation and the competences we have developed during it. I've also started to work on it with Barbi at the office, so I will be able to finish it in a few days. 

Again two days later, I was in the train but to a place a bit closer from Bratislava, Nová Baňa. I went there with Monika to animate two workshops about climate change in a high school! I really enjoyed it, the students were really involved and motivated.

And not two but one day later, my sister and her husband arrived in Bratislava to visit me! I was so happy to see them... we did a lot of activities like visiting Bratislava, eating slovak food, going to Vienna for the Christmas markets and also a ice hockey game. They were glad to see where I've been living since March, they could put pictures on the things I told them by phone.

During the tea meeting “Kol’ko lásky sa zmestí?”, we had the possibility to fill a box with gifts which will be distributed to lonely seniors for Christmas. I hope it will bring joy in their lives! This activity was part of the initiative “Kol’ko lásky 2023” organized by the association Kol’ko lásky. 

I spent the last weekend of November with a friend in Linz, a city in Upper Austria. This city is very cute, not so big, so it's perfect to visit and relax at the same time! There is the Ars Electronica Center, the "museum of the future", which is very interesting. We also tried the Linzer Torte, a traditional Austrian pastry, very tasty.

And finally, on Tuesday 28, INEX took part in GivingTuesday campaign, and for that, we filled bags with some nice gifts to offer to NGOs like Integra!

In my last article, I will tell you about the Christmas market in Bratislava and also some activities organised with Inex and it will be time to say goodbye...So, stay tuned!!


Slovak meal

Tea meeting Iceland

Mid-term meeting

Climate Fresk

With my Sister and Raphaël ❤️

Tea meeting “Kol’ko lásky sa zmestí?”

Weekend in Linz

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