Geoffroy : Once upon a December

14.12.2023 15:40 EZS Slovensko
It was so fast. This volunteering was a great experience. I will come back in Belgium with a lot of good memories.

Once upon a December

I started the month of December with great activities in Banská Štiavnica. The place, under the snow, was very beautiful and full of Christmas magic. I spent good times with other participants, and I even presented my adventures in Slovakia to them. In seven minutes, it was a great challenge because there is a lot to say. Time passed very quickly, very quickly with them.

We even went to a tea house. It was a good place, with delicious drinks and comfortable cushions.

I also had the opportunity to speak about my project during the Christmas party at INEX office. It was a nice evening with great workshops. I even received cool gifts. It was so nice : socks, coffee, goodies. Thank you. Plus, there was a very good soup : the kapustnica, I very liked it. One of my favourite Slovak food.

And I think big soup was necessary for me. Honestly, December was very fast and it is a real challenge for me. Preparing to leave the flat, making some administrative things for my return in Belgium, continuing the tasks. I must confess, it was intensive.

But there was also some chilling moments. Indeed, I was dressed as Mikuláš and I visited Integra with INEX team to give them gifts. It was so beautiful to see their smiles. A very cute moment! That’s why I love December.

I even received a great gift : the feeling to have a good and intensive experience during eleven months in Slovakia. I shared good moments with INEX team. I met nice people. I have a lot of good memories. I have to thank Barbi, Monika, Majka and Mirka for this great adventure and their kindness. Also thanks to Peto, Brano and Amandine. Also, big thanks to all the people I met.


I wish you the best for 2024

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