Evelīna: The spring is here

02.04.2024 13:18 EZS Slovensko
This month started quite busy and turned out quite challenging for me, because of getting sick and on the very top having the constant feeling of missing out. Although fighting an illness and having unfortunate feelings about what is happening, some amusing things also happened. Are you curious how this month turned out for me as an ESC volunteer? Then read ahead. 

As I said before the month started quite busy, we had our first leadership academy training at Modra. There we participated in various workshops and got to know more people from all around Slovakia, although the place where the training happened wasn’t the best, the company made it better. In this training, we also had an opportunity to showcase our given tasks by INEX. I had some difficulties regarding this task, but in the end, it went well and everyone had a good time. 

When the first training was done we returned to the office to do regularly assigned tasks, regarding the preparation of tea meetings and other duties we were assigned to do. After a week in the office, it was time for the long-awaited weekend and I went to visit my former coursemate, who is currently studying in Brno. There I pretty much saw the whole city in one day, so on the last day I stayed there we went to Lednice, which is included in UNESCO world heritage sites. Back in Bratislava, I arrived late, so there wasn’t a lot of time to do anything except go to the office the next day. 


Before the 12th of March, when we were starting to help with preparations for the Prešporkovos family centre birthday, we at the INEX office celebrated Majka´s birthday and had a burst of pretty decent laughter, and of course delicious food. After some days came the time to visit Prešporkovo and help them out with preparations. When the birthday for Prešporkovo took place we also had lunch together and cake in the evening after watching kids in traditional Slovak customers dancing, unfortunately I already was not feeling the best, but for a different reason and after this celebration I ended up getting sick for almost two weeks. When I finally recovered from being sick I went for a walk outside of the flat and you could feel that spring was already here because the flowers were blooming. 


Upon my return to the office, we went to Barbi’s house to paint eggs for the Easter, drink tea, talk and make cookies. There we also fed her two guinea pigs, Moriss and Boris with salad leaves. Regarding easter, we mainly spent time with our friends here in Slovakia and had a good quality time together. So what’s next? Who knows! :) 


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