Anaiis: May article: Turning around, I've found new places and met new people

30.05.2024 12:02 EZS Slovensko


If I had to define this month, I would define it as a spinning top. I didn't stop and I was turning around and around. I had numerous adventures and anecdotes to convey, and I had the opportunity to gain further knowledge about Slovakia's culture, music, and people. So... if you want to know more, please continue reading! ;)

Čerstvý vzduch

The first weekend of May was one of my favorites because I got to hear Medial Banana's music and I met new people. One of the nice things about living abroad is that you can easily make new friends and these friendships last a long time. I spent a good weekend with 2 Italians and 2 Polish people listening to this Slovakian music group while we were enjoying our experience in Bratislava. My favorite songs from Medial Banana are Nemôžem Prestať and Vážim si.

I only have a picture of Leo because we took the rest with an analog camera and I have to go to Poland to get my copy of the photos (an excellent excuse to visit another country). 

Mother’s Day at Medická záhrada with Laura

The next weekend, we celebrated Mila pre mamu. It's curious because in Spain the Mother's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. But in Slovakia, the holiday is on the second Saturday of May. INEX was a co-organizer of the Mile for Mom, with the Family Center Presporkovo and the Union of Mother Centers. As ESC volunteers, we went there to support and enjoy this celebration of Mother's Day in Slovakia. Leo and I wore the Sun custom and we spoke with children. We had fun, probably more than the children). 

I had a special holiday because a friend of mine, Laura, came to Bratislava to visit me and signed up to be a volunteer at INEX on this day! I was thrilled to share with her these moments here, in Bratislava.