A Finn in Slovakia - A two-day visit to Vienna
24.03.2022 16:17
Because of the rather chilly weather, I decided to visit Vienna for two days. I found completely different kind of vibe compared to Bratislava, fascinating museums and a cool hostel.
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A Finn in Slovakia - First Expressions
18.03.2022 12:09
10 days in Bratislava has already passed and it's time to write my first blog post! Adaptation to the new living environment has progressed rapidly and successfully. Here is my thoughts and few pictures.

Best regards, Konsta :-)
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Two last months of my beloved project
12.12.2021 16:37
The two last months of the year and the project are here, with so much good stuff being done. I said goodbye to loving friends and people I met in Slovakia. Nice memories and experiences waited for me!
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October's diary
03.11.2021 15:53
The end of our project is close but not the fun, the trips and activities that are waiting for us! I am constantly meeting new and interesting people. So glad, I am part of it!
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September's diary
28.09.2021 12:10
New things coming in my way through my trip here! I am glad sharing these experiences with all of you!
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A wonderful time in August!
17.09.2021 15:30
August was a very nice month because we began our workcamps that we've waited for so long! :)
Once in a lifetime experience.
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My experiences through July!
17.09.2021 15:25
Here is what we did and where we travelled during summer along with the office :) I hope you enjoy it and many more things are coming!
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My journey continues with lots of experiences!
29.06.2021 12:45
Here you'll find out about all the new activities I did and the trips I've went to. The summer is here so we did lots of new stuff and I hope you like them!
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Trips I've taken near Bratislava :)
31.05.2021 13:18
Hello, beautiful people! Today I will tell you about some places I have visited here and I hope to inspire you to take a trip to some of them and see the beauty of nature, which is very close to the center actually. I think you'll find it interesting and das much detailed as possible, so let's begin!
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29.04.2021 23:36
So, I have to admit that April passed pretty quickly for me, because I went to some places nearby and had so much fun! I hope you read my post and enjoy it as much as I have.  And here it begins..!
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