Give joy!

GT2021fotoDo you also want to give a little joy this year? Join us and help prepare a St. Nicholas’ Day and Christmas surprise for our 160 friends from the Integra Social Services Home in Bratislava and OZ Barlička in Prešov. Integra and Barlička provide help and care for children and people with various types and degrees of disability. They seek to remove barriers that prevent people with disabilities from integrating into society. Every year, together with Slovak and international volunteers, we organised various fun, sports and educational activities for Integra and Barlička clients during the year. For example an International Workamp, Valentine's Day, Halloween, St. Nicholas’ Day ... Thanks to these activities we at least slightly changed the stereotype and mundaneness of their days. For the second year in a row, however, the coronavirus pandemic prevented us from organising these fun activities for our clients. Together with your help, we want to spread a little joy on St. Nicholas’ Day and Christmas in the form of holiday gift packages. We will deliver them to our clients, and at least in this way we will improve their days and put a smile on their faces. The gifts will be given to the clients at a joint meeting.

You can help us:

with gifts,

which you will bring to INEX (sweets, crayons, drawing paper, other art supplies for creative hobbies, Sudokrem cream for seniors, shower gel, toothpaste - toothbrushes, ...)


with financial gifts

to the INEX bank account in Tatrabanka a.s.: IBAN format SK26 1100 0000 0026 6745 5125, with Variable Symbol 2021 

(if you are interested in including your surname in the list of donors, please write your surname in the field “Message for the recipient”). The amount of your financial contribution is voluntary.

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