A Finn in Slovakia - A two-day visit to Vienna

24.03.2022 16:17 EZS Slovensko
Because of the rather chilly weather, I decided to visit Vienna for two days. I found completely different kind of vibe compared to Bratislava, fascinating museums and a cool hostel.

Spring is finally here. I prefer to have four seasons, but every winter those last couple of months start to feel little bit too long. Finland is a country of supreme winter and summer’s are also getting hotter and hotter every year. Maybe here in Slovakia the seasons aren’t that extreme, even though I already heard that it is possible to have even 35 degrees in middle summer. That is way too hot for me :D And by the way, you must know that Finnish people love to talk about weather. But anyways, because of the first few days were still quite cold, I decided to visit Vienna for one night trip. Before the warmer days it was nice to visit couple of art museums, which the city is known for. 

It is fun that Bratislava and Vienna are so close to each other. Traveling by bus will take only about an exact hour. When I was living in Espoo, which is a city right next to Helsinki, sometimes I traveled cirka 45 minutes to get from place A to place B, so for me here it feels almost like I have also full access to Vienna too because the distance is so short. It is also pretty cheap to travel there, especially if you book your ticket days before.

What was surprising to me in Vienna, was how expensive the museums were. It seemed a normal price to pay almost 15 euros on entrance fee to museum, which in opinion, is little bit too much from student. But nevertheless, on the other hand now I know why Vienna is known for these museums. They were awesome! As a somekind of painting enthusiast, I enjoy visiting art museums that have art from 20th and 21st century. In the downtown area Vienna definitely felt like a bigger city, that has a longer history than for example Bratislava has. It was the capital city of the famous House of Habsburg that was one of the most important dynasties in Europe during the 2nd millennium. Vienna is a very historical city full of old buildings that are popular sightseeing places, but for me they are not so interesting. Maybe because of the early spring, I was longing for smaller laid-back cafes and alleys. Of course, the city is huge so I just have to find the right places next time!


For accommodation, I tried this so called capsule hostel. I would recommend it! I felt like it was a good combination of hostel's publicity and capsule's privacy. In this hostel, there was about 10 capsules and it costed 37 euros. It would have been possible to accommodate hostels costing about 20 euros, but I wanted to try capsule for the experience since it was my first time. Capsules were "space" themed and there was small smart-tv, headphones and charger plugins inside. 

During my project I want to explore and travel more on my own as a solo traveler. I have a believe that many people don't like to do it maybe because it is seen as an embarassing way to travel. Of course there are pros to travel with friends or family, but there is also pros to travel alone! It is therapeutic to wonder around museums or in a busy city center just by yourself and eat whenever or wherever you want. Also for example in hostels, there are many other solo travellers, so if you want to, I think it is possible to find friends to travel with :) So I encourage everyone to try it! 




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