My journey continues with lots of experiences!

29.06.2021 12:45 EZS Slovensko
Here you'll find out about all the new activities I did and the trips I've went to. The summer is here so we did lots of new stuff and I hope you like them!

Hello once again, everyone! 

This month was full of new activities and meeting with people. Where should I start from… ok! In June we had our first activity as volunteers in INTEGRA, a social center which takes care of people with disabilities. So, we went there with some other local volunteers and we cleaned their garden and the outside area where they are living. Unfortunately, we couldn’t interact with them much, because of the COVID situation, but we really hope to meet again! 

On the weekends I am usually trying to see new places and I went to the natural history museum and it was fascinating! Also, I visited the forest of Petržalka, at least a part of it because it’s huge. We reached a point where we were closer to Vienna than we were to Bratislava. So, the day came where we went to another activity to paint a kindergarten. We painted some nice pictures for the kids in the yard and it was so fun and fulfilling when they told us that the kids were happy and excited! :) 

Last but not least, at the end of the month we had our last activities for the summer and visited a classroom at a high school and talked about volunteering work and various NGOs and how kids could get informed and motivated for something like that. As a closure, we cleaned up a forest in Petržalka as well, where we picked up trash. The heat was a bit unpleasant, but it worthed it! Now it’s as good as new! Hehe

I hope you liked this new blog of mine as I was! I’ll see you next month with more news! Till then, have fun! :D  


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