Geoffroy : After the Spring, before the Fall : the adventure

29.09.2023 14:37 EZS Slovensko
One summer, 
Two challenges, 
Three workcamps, 
Four countries visited, 
Five intensive weeks, 

That's all you need for living an unforgettable adventure!


One year ago, I was searching new opportunities, trying to go to Luxembourg for new challenges, new job and new experiences. I was far far away to imagine how this summer of 2023 was going to be. A summer full of adventures, new people and strong challenges I proudly succeeded.  

I met a lot of new people. They were from Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Slovakia and… even Belgium. 


Leader, leadership, project management, financial things… Oh my god, Iwas leader in two workcamps and I survived. 

  • Lukovistia (renovation in an old school) 
  • Slatinka (work in an eco-village) 

Lukovistia was a nice workcamp. In the south of Slovakia, it is a peaceful place. A little kingdom ruled by nature, big hills and deep forests. But Slatinka, the fairytale village, was the best. The group dynamic was nice and the free time activities in the middle of Slovakia (Banska Stiavnica, Banska Bystrica, Zvolen Castle, walking in the forest) with motivated guys was wonderful.  

It was so good to spent time with a friendly group around the fire with specacky and good cheese. Also, it was my first experience with outside shower. Special… but good. 


Two workcamps as a leader was a lot but a big challenge for myself. The third, and the last workcamp, was may be the most unforgettable experience. Indeed, I guess it is not typical to be part in a workcamp who take place in an ancient concentration camp.  

For two weeks, I was volunteer at the Neuengamme memorial with young people from Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan and Mexico. My contribution to the upkeep of this historic site, writing article for local newspaper and talking to survivors about the history of the camp have left a lasting impression.  

I even took the opportunity to be in Hamburg for visiting Danmark. I visited Padborg. It was my first time in a Scandinavian country!  


After these three workcamps, I took three days off and I went to Villach, a nice town in Austria, close to the Italy-Slovenia-Austria border. The first day, I immediately went to Tarvisio Boscoverde. It was my first time in Italy, and I remember the first moment I left the train. It was a magical moment.  

Sunny, quiet and only the melody of crickets in a landscape that I was going to discover heavenly.  Seeing these giants rocks, all around me, staring down at me in a cathedral silence was very powerful, I do not know how to explain it.  

And afterwards going down in the hollow of a valley where a river sang with blue and pure waters was very soothing.  

The day after, I went to Arnoldstein and walked 23 kilometers in the Alps. I joined the top of a mountain where Slovenia, Austria and Italy met each other.  

The view was pretty nice and two kilometers of my walk was in the Slovenian part, with the opportunity to see their beautiful mountains. 

After, I went back to Bratislava and walked 20 kilometers in the Hungarian side. It was my first time in Hungary, and I met a pilgrim-cyclist from Netherlands. He is cycling from Rosendael and his goal is Mecca!  

Now, it is interesting to follow his adventures on Instagram. You should do the same if you are curious. His Instagram account is @razzoukiopfiestocht. 


One week in Lukovistia (the most physical), two weeks in Slatinka (the funniest) and two in Neuengamme (the most historical) gave me a good remember for this summer 2023. I am very happy to had this adventure during my last year before being 30 years old. Now, I am a bit anxious, My ESC project will end in less than 100 days. Time past fast, isn’t? But, hopefully, I have some plans for the after :D  

Water reservoir of Teplý Vrch'

The nature around Slatinka

Banská Bystrica

Arnoldstein, in Austria

Beautiful landscape, Slovenia

Where Austria, Slovenia and Italy meet 

Tarvisio Boscoverde, Italy

Walking around Padborg, Danmark

Hambourg, Germany

Meeting a motivated dutch cyclist in Hungary

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