Geoffroy : November, Notables activities, No patience for Christmas

07.12.2023 14:59 EZS Slovensko
November was a month with nices activities : Tea Meetings, making videos and enjoying the beginning of the Christmas Market.

This month of November started by an immersive Tea Meeting. Thanks to Amandine, we travelled to Iceland. I learned some interesting facts about this country and we also tasted delicious food from this far far away island. It made me want to visit this country, one day, if I have the opportunity.

Also, my video about my experience in Slovakia was published on YouTube! In this video, I am speaking about the three reasons why I chose to be a volunteer in Slovakia. Do not hesitate to watch it!

I can not wait to be in December. With INEX, we even hosted a Tea Meeting for creating beautiful boxes for lonely senior people. I appreciated this kind of activity. Honestly, I am not a big fan of DIY workshops but the meaning behind this activity was very beautiful. Also, Christmas times give me sometimes strange feelings because I have a lot of good memories from previous Christmas. I remember when I was a child, Santa Claus came to our village with his sleigh and gave us a lot of sweets, candies and other lollipops. Every year, I was afraid because, all the times, my hands was too little for grabbing all the candies. There were then plenty of them on the road. Sometimes, I feel nostalgic about this time but whatever I like the atmosphere of Christmas. That’s why I visited the Christmas Market of Bratislava.

I made fun about the fact that in Brussel they changed the name of the Christmas Market by “Winter pleasures”. But I will wait for December for starting to enjoy the Christmas Market fairy. November is too soon for me.

I am also slowly preparing the after of my volunteering, applying in some interesting places. Honestly, and may be the INEX team was surprised, I am open and enthusiast by the idea to stay in Bratislava. If I find an interesting opportunity, I’ll take it 

That’s what I’ll put in my wish list for Christmas.

And you, what do you want for Christmas ?

Sending some packages in Belgium (very expansive :()

Bratislava de nuit

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