Anaïs: Our second month in Bratislava and full of activities

28.03.2024 10:34 EZS Slovensko


I can't believe that we are ending the month of March. It feels strange because I don't feel like I've been here for two months in Bratislava. I think the best part is that I feel at home.

Leadership Academy - Part 1 ... in Modra

This March started off with a lot of energy. On the first weekend, we went to Modra for training at the Leadership Academy. We arrived on Friday afternoon and waited for the other young people who wanted to do the training. At first, I felt tired from the trip, but then our trainers did some energizers and icebreakers and explained the history of volunteering. If I have to be honest, the training surprised me, how it was organized, all the dynamics to better understand the information and all the practices for being a good leader. I had an amazing weekend, I met wonderful people with the same interests, and we met Matyas. We invited him to talk about Cuba at the Tea meeting in April. He accepted!!

But if I had to choose my favorite moment of this weekend, would be Saturday night. After the training, we went for a drink, and with Barbi and Zolko (we met him during the training), we decided to take a trip in April. The last thing we needed to do was ask if the other participants from the training would be interested in joining us. So, we went to Zolko's bedroom and from there, we went outside at the balcony (it was connected with all of our bedrooms). We knocked on all the windows to ask our mates if they wanted to go to Budapest with us. I really enjoyed all the situation and I have to say that at the moment, we will be 16 people, which is not bad at all!

Trip to Vienna 

The next weekend, Leo and I decided to go to Vienna. Evelina had visited Viena a month ago, so she decided to go to Brno to see a friend.

I fell in love with Viena's architecture, and Leo and I decided to visit as many places as we could in one day. We took a bus at 8 am and arrived home at 23 pm. We walked more than 40,000 thousand steps in this day and 30km. We were exhausted, and we were falling asleep on the bus.

Majka's birthday was on 11/03/2024, and we wished her happy birthday in Slovak way. Later we ate a delicious cake. I really love the cakes that Majka prepares and I'm wishing the next birthday arrives for eating the cake again. On the same day, we celebrated the Brano's Name Day and we spent some time together. It's always nice doing that and the team is very kind to us.

Preparing birthday celebration of Prešporkovo Family centre

On the 19th and 20th of March, we celebrated Prešporkovo´s 19th birthday. We helped them to decorate the place and selected some pictures for the event. The next day, we went to a restaurant for lunch and I could taste the Hokkaido soup and špenátové halušky. We enjoyed how the kids and Lenka were dancing and singing typical Slovakian songs, and we even had a violoncello concert! 

Quiz Night

And finally, the day of our Tea Meeting Quiz Night arrived. The Tea Meeting was a challenge because all the people that we knew could not come, and there was a moment that we were worried about. The surprise was that more than 25 people finally registered, even came Matyas and Mima, we met them on the training. It was very nice see them again in our Tea Meeting!

Evelína couldn't stay because she was sick and Leo and I had to do the last preparatory work, we were so nervous (ha, ha). We had in common that we don't like to speak in front of people, but I think we did a good job and the people enjoyed the Quiz Night.

The best thing about INEX is that there are always challenges to do and you can make mistakes without being judged. I think learning like that is a treasure and I am very grateful for it.

Thank you so much for reading me!

Ciao :)

Leadership Academy - Part 1 ... in Modra


Trip to Vienna