Leonardo: March - a month full of things to do!

02.04.2024 14:23 EZS Slovensko
After a month of absence Im back to tell you about my March here in Bratislava (and also in Wien).

We started our new month with Leadership Academy, an event from the first Friday of the month until Sunday afternoon and for that we moved to Modra.

Me, Evelina and Anaiis met with Mirka and Monika at Nivy on Friday afternoon around 2 pm. We brought last things for the experience and we took the bus 540 for going there.

When we were arrived, we came to our rooms before to put off all, and later we joined the rest of the Inex group and we helped them with the organization.

Together we put the logos of Inex in same parts of the structure and we welcomed some of the partecipants. After that, me and Evelina cleaned the dishes for the dinner and after that we had eaten.

I started to know some volunteers and they were nice. The dinner was simple, bread with same vegetables.

When all of us finished to eat, we met each other in a room and we made some ice breakers. These are some games that could help people to know each other better.

We also wrote in some post its, our fears, contributions and expectations about the experience.

At the end of the journey I was very very tired, but before going to sleep I played with cards with some other people.

Later, when was around midnight, I returned in my room with my bed mate and after I took off my contact lens, brushed my teeth and put my braces for the night I went to sleep because I was too tired.

The next day we woke up around 8 and at 8.30 am we had breakfast.

I ate same bread with ham and cheese and also a bread with jam because I love both versions.

Later, we had lesson of volunteering, and we also did a quiz.

When was the lunch time, we went in a restaurant to eat. I ate a soup and also meat with potatoes. It was very good!

In the afternoon we did some activities with another person. A person in the couple had to cover her eyes and the other one had to give to them same instructions.

When we finished, we did some other things but we had to dinner.

So, we ate…pizza! Im italian, but honestly I need to say that Slovakian pizza is very tasty!

At the end, after the dinner, we saw how leaders can ask reviews about the workcamp to volunteers in a very simple, fun and anonymous way.

We also listened to Katka. She presented a workshop about games and it was very interesting.

When she finished, I went to my room to call my parents because they wanted to talk with me a little, just to know that everything was ok.

I talked with them 5 minutes and after I went to the place where we had the lunch just for having some relaxing time.

When 22 pm arrived, the place started to close, so we payed and we went to our bedrooms to sleep.

Sunday arrived and it also meaned that our weekend was almost finished.

We ate breakfast and later we listened to Monika. We explained to us the difference of conducting a camp in a liberal, autocratic and also in assertive way.

Later we had a pause of 5 minutes and we had another class about how to motivate partecipants.

Around 11.30 we went again to the restaurant and we ate the lunch.

I ate again the soup and a plate of risotto with mushrooms and chicken! It was weird for me, for us the rice is a main plate, chicken is a second one but it was extremely good. I tried to ate all but when I ate half I was so so so full and I couldn’t ate more.

Late we returned back and we had to do the last activities. We had to plan a workcamp! It was a little bit hard for me because it was my first time but it was also very funny.

At and end we retuned to our rooms to pick up everything because we needed to came back to Bratislava.

Next day was a free day for us so I slept a little bit more and I finished to do some things I had to do in the flat.

It was a good experience. I have met a lot of new people. And in some months we will have to go to Banska Stiavnica.

Look the second and the third part of the blog for reading more about my March here in Slovakia!


Now I wanted to tell you about my journey in Wien with Anaiis.

Some days before going there, Anaiis asked me to go to Wien, because she didn’t went before and also because Evelina was in Brno.

So, we took the tickets and we went. I have answered to her in a very happy way because I love travelling.

When Im travelling, I wanting to see as many things as I could, because I like to discover even same things that many tourists doesn’t know about.

For example, did you know that in Milan we have a place where you san see flamingos? Well, you could not expect that. And this is what I say that I want to discover even the most weird places when Im visiting new places.

This year for example I wanted to discover some places near Bratislava where I didn’t go before like Budapest or Cracovia that I can reach easily with Flixbus.

However, we arrived around 9.30 am but Anaiis at the beginning doesn’t feel well. I was a little worried because I thought that maybe she could not enjoying. But luckily she felt better after few time and we could go in the city center.

I remembered that Wien was nice, but I discovered some places where I didn’t went the previous time when I went there with my parents 10 years ago.

When we arrived in the city center, some people asked us if we were interested to go in a theatre to see a spectacle. When we explained that we could not stay until the spectacle was finished, one man guessed immediately that Im Italian and Anaiis was from Spain. He was so kind and we wished him a good day and we entered into the Stephansdom. Amazing and free.

After that, we went to see the Ankerurh, an historical dynamic clock. It was amazing.

We walked a lot and it was lunch time. We found a place. It was so good. My ribs were amazing.

In the afternoon we went to see a lot of historical building (unfortunately just outside of them) and when was almost late afternoon we walked to visit the Prater, a theme park inside the city.

We didn’t go on attractions because they seems a little bit scary hahahaha and also because of the wind.

We returned to the city center after half past an hour and we completed the list of the monuments we wanted to see.

When the time for coming back was more near, we walked until we reached the place where the bus will departed just to be sure about where we needed to go for taking the bus and we ate something.

We were very tired, also because we walked a lot but it was so funny.


The third part for this month.

First, I wanted to tell you when me, Anaiis and Evelina went to Presporkovo (the place where I will go for the summer workcamp) for helping Lenka, the coordinator, and next day we went to their 19th anniversary.

After a day in the office, we have taken the bus together with Barbi and we went there. We took the bus 80 and later we walked for 5 minutes.

There were a lot of people with their children and we helped her putting some pictures on a rope and we also put away some stuff.

At 19.30 we came back to home.

The next day, we arrived at 10. We helped to cut same vegetables and we tried to draw and cut same images of animals for giving them to the kids during the morning.

It was difficult at the beginning but it was also very funny.

For lunch, we went in a restaurant in front of the place, and we stayed in a table with a lot of people that we didn’t know. I ate meat with white rice.

In the afternoon, before we went to the city center and then we came back around 16.30 for see the kids spectacle.

We also assisted a man who played an instrument.

At the end we took a photo all together in front of a cake and we celebrated with them.


After some days me and Anaiis began to prepare new Tea Meeting because Evelina was sick.

It was a little bit difficult, because it was our first time organizing.

We spare our tasks, and we prepared all the materials for the Quiz night.

The topics were travelling, cultures, curiosities about countries and so on.

Before the date we were a little bit scared about the number of participants because all our friends couldn’t visit us and we expected few people could came. But at the end, there were almost 30 people!

All people were enjoyed and also me and Anaiis.

We also saw some friends we met for the first time during the Leadership Academy like Mima and Matyas and we saw also our french friend Amandine.

Later, we came with her and Matus to eat something in a place to stay all together.

With them, we went also in the biggest club in Slovakia (called Ministry of fun) the next night.





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