Evelína: April - month full with outdoor activities

02.05.2024 11:08 EZS Slovensko


The april is slowly ending, but my adventures hopefully are not. This month already at the very beginning brought me various outdoor activities, on the very first weekend I went to unrelatively challenging hike hosted by international hiking group. We with a group of people started the hike in Kačin and finished in Rača. 


At the office I continued to work on social media strategies and promo until it was time for the weekend workcamp which happened in Svätý Jur. There the local partner shared their story why it is so meaningful for them that someone comes and help voluntary with the castle reconstruction. At the castle workcamp we made a chain of humans giving each other rocks, which later went into rolleys. On the following day we also helped to clear the space by cutting the bushes. On our free time at the workcamp we went for a short walk around the Svätý Jur, visited two bars and made a BBQ on the last day before the departure. 

After one day holiday we returned to the office and talked about our project so far individually and together, then we went to the on-arrival training where we had a lovely time together. At on arrival training we met various volunteers from different organizations and shared the stories of what we are doing in an non formal way. We also had time to go on a short trip together, and I with lithuanian volunteer managed to visit Horsky park too, which reminded us of our home countries. 



After on-arrival training it was time for relaxing and I went to museum with a discounted price and short walk around the old town. Later I also visited library to which I also registered to and borrowed some books to read at home. Then the following days I was in the office working on my homework for the leadership academy II and the workshop, as well as promo. 


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