Help by shopping online

Did you know that you can also help us by shopping online? :) If your question is HOW, read on.

We joined the project Dobromat and this is how it works:

  1. Before you start shopping on,,,, 
    • open the website enter the store, select INEX Slovakia and start shopping.
    • You will be automatically redirected to the page of your chosen store.
  2. What will it cost you? Nothing.
    • E-shops donate part of their revenue to organisations (you can find out how much when you press "Start shopping").
    • You must first open the Dobromat page before you start your online order, as the donation of revenue cannot be done after this.


More about the Dobromat project

Over the course of a few months, over 700 e-shops and 2500 non-profit organisations and civic associations took part in the Dobromat project. Thousands of people like you, shopping online, help non-profit organisations with every purchase and e-shops pay for it.

The e-shop gets satisfied customers, the non-profit organisation receives a permanent source of income, and you are able to help a good cause easily.
In addition, you regularly get exclusive discounts in stores and can receive valuable gifts in prize draws.

Thank you

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