INEX Slovakia (INternational EXchanges)

A non-profit organization offering remarkable experiences, personal development and meaningful spending of leisure time for young people, through international voluntary activities and non-formal education.

Our vision is to have active people with healthy self-confidence, tolerance, critical thinking, general overview and willingness to help those in need.

Our mission is to help young people in their personal development through international volunteering, non-formal education and meaningful leisure time activities.

In Slovakia, we are the only organization of its kind, established in 1993. Our activities are for young people, leaders, youth workers, volunteers and also the general public.

Thanks to membership in the international networks Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations and Service Civil International, we offer volunteers more than 2000 projects in 80 countries around the world. The Youth Council of Slovakia is our umbrella organization in Slovakia.

History of INEX
  • Establishment of a civic association

    • INEX becomes a member of the Youth Council of Slovakia, Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations
    • beginning of sending Slovak volunteers abroad to workcamps
    • beginning of hosting foreign volunteers at Slovak workcamps (Vlkolínec, Čierny Balog I II)
    • 1. TEENage camp in Slovakia
  • Establishing a partnership in networks Service Civil International and Youth Action for Peace

  • First VEM - a large meeting of volunteers who attended a workcamp abroad

  • First long-term volunteers sent abroad in EVS projects

    • First EVS volunteers at INEX

    • The beginning of tea meetings

      • For the first time, training of leaders is accredited by the Ministry of Education of SR

      • New website design

      • 1. Weekend workcamp

      • Defined volunteer competences and a new division of activities: 4 INEX circles 

      • Re-accreditation of trainings of the Ministry of Education, Sience, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic

      • First virtual workcamps

       Our achievements
      • Accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Science, Reasearch and Sport of the Slovak Republic "Education of Youth Workers in an Intercultural Environment"

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        Bratislava Volunteer of the Year - our volunteer Daniel Raučina

        dobrovolnik roka
      • "MOST Award" by the Youth Council of Slovakia - Project of the Year - International Voluntary Camps, so-called workcamps


        CARDO Foreign Volunteer of the Year in Slovakia - Yuliya Kruhlik - our volunteer from Belarus

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      • Re - accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic "Management of Volunteers in a Multicultural Environment"

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      Income and Expenses 2019

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       INEX Information

      INEX Slovakia Chairman - Peter Béreš

      Coordination Committee - Members

      -      Mária Ďurajková               

      -      Barbara Krištofíková        

      -      Monika Mudroňová           

      -      Filip Sakala                        

      -      Miroslava Zváčová           

      Chief Controller - Yuliya Kruhlik

      We comply with Act no. 406/2011 Coll. on VolunteeringAlliance Quality CharterEuropean Voluntary Service Charter

      Youth Report 2018


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