International Volunteer Camps (Workcamps)

An international volunteer camp, a.k.a. workcamp, is a unique opportunity to discover a new country, culture and people from a different perspective.

They will be appreciated by volunteers who are seeking an extraordinary holiday, who want to leave enclosed spaces, a sedentary lifestyle, meet new people, countries, help themselves and those in need of it.

The volunteers help with community service projects for 2 - 3 weeks. These can be cleaning the beach or forest, repairing of historic buildings, working with children, seniors, people with disabilities, renovating historical monuments, working with animals, helping with organizing a festival, nature conservation and many other types of work.

The volunteers will meet people from all over the world. The camp organisers make sure that they are international, i.e. a maximum of 2 participants are allowed from one country, and groups are mixed (both men and women). Each group of 6-15 volunteers has leaders that are trained by the partner volunteering organization.

It is possible to travel abroad to volunteer camps, but it is also possible to participate in Slovakia.

The most popular countries are Germany, France, Spain, Iceland and other European countries. Help will also be welcomed in the exotic lands of Japan, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico and other countries.

Majority of camps is for age limit 18+, but there are also camps focused on teenage volunteers, families and seniors. The reward for volunteering is that the volunteer is provided with meals, accommodation and a sense of fulfillment from helping others. Every year, you can choose from 1200 workcamps worldwide.

The history of organizing international projects dates back to 1920, when the first volunteering camp in the French village of Esnes en Argonne was completed. The village was previously destroyed during the First World War.


Virtual workcamps

virtualny workcamp

Virtual workcamps are volunteering camps, where volunteers help on public benefit projects through internet, without any financial reward

Each virtual workcamp has a clearly specified public benefit target. It makes us very happy when, along volunteering work, participants gain new experiences, get to know new people or improve their language abilities. These are actually also some of the goals of our virtual workcamps. Success of each project as well as the vibe around it are very much determined by personal inputs of all participants. 

Virtual workcamps are organised by multiple organisations around the world and their main aim is strengthening international volunteering activities during times when most of us are unable to travel. 

You can help with castle exploration, preparation of educational videos for children, but also through improving your own personal growth and mental health by learning new language, learning to play a musical instrument or learning about recycling, etc.. 

You can sign up for a virtual workcamp by filling in a form on our website, free of charge. You can find it in our “activities search”, where you select “virtual workcamp” type of activity and then click “search” (sometimes twice is necessary).

Idem na tábor prvýkrát

V júni organizujeme stretnutie 1st timers u nás v kancelárii. Pozvánku posielame všetkým prijatým na workcamp.

Dozvieš sa: Tipy, triky, rady a zážitky, „životný cyklus tábora“, ako sa dostať na tábor, práca na tábore, čo očakávať, komunikácia na tábore, INEX Slovakia v skratke, odpovede na tvoje otázky a mnohé ďalšie ...

1st timers

Ako vyzerá deň na tábore

Den na tabore

I want to take part

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