A Finn in Slovakia - First Expressions

18.03.2022 12:09 EZS Slovensko
10 days in Bratislava has already passed and it's time to write my first blog post! Adaptation to the new living environment has progressed rapidly and successfully. Here is my thoughts and few pictures.

Best regards, Konsta :-)

Welcome to read my first blog text! When I’m writing this first post, I’ve been in Bratislava for 10 days already and so much have happened. Before I get into that, I must tell you that today is the first actually warm spring day, it is 19 degrees and people are enjoying the sun and eating ice cream and drinking kofola of course. Kofola is Slovakia’s own soft drink, which tastes little bit like coca-cola but there is also some herbal taste and it isn’t that sweet. I think I’m going to drink kofola and kofola only during this project, it’s so good :D

So like I said, a lot has happened. On the one hand,  I have already learned and seen so many things so it feels like I would have been here much longer, but on the other hand, it is like I arrived just yesterday. Time has gone by so fast, and I believe that this almost 10 month journey will be spent in a flash. During my first days I met everybody from the office and my mentor, and also my flatmate of course. Everybody has been very friendly and helpful, even though there might be a little difference between Inex team and other slovakians, since I don't speak Slovak language almost at all, some people are maybe afraid of using English. Maybe soon I am able to have some kind of simple discussions in Slovak, since I already had my first Slovak lesson with my lovely teacher. The language seems really hard, but not impossible! I am hearing the language every day and it is possible for me to use it in the stores for example, so maybe it will become at least a bit more natural for me. It took a while also to get my English going and to gain the courage to use it, but I think it is already way easier now after one week. 

During my first days in the office and back at my home office, I've had many presentations about Inex's different kind of activities. Before I arrived, it was little bit blurry what are the activities, because there are many different kind of opportunities. This office is very hard working and they really care about the quality of the operations. For example, now I understand what are the differencies between educational or volunteering activities, or what does it mean to go to international workcamp. I hope that when the summer arrives, we are able to do all of these great camps even though the war in Ukraine is throwing long shadows also upon our activities. Hopefully soon the war is over, and there is no more horror in our shared Europe, and we can promote and succesfully have international participants from all over Europe. 

OK - I don't want to write too long, so I'll continue on the next chapter. Next post is going to be about my first short trip from Bratislava so stay tuned!

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