Trips I've taken near Bratislava :)

31.05.2021 13:18 EZS Slovensko
Hello, beautiful people! Today I will tell you about some places I have visited here and I hope to inspire you to take a trip to some of them and see the beauty of nature, which is very close to the center actually. I think you'll find it interesting and das much detailed as possible, so let's begin!

Hey again people!

I have to say the days pass like the air. I am shocked that I’ve been here for 3 months already! I am having a great time at work and personally. Before I go on, I must ask one question to the locals. “When does the summer come in Slovakia?” haha J Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mind the rain, I just want some sunshine to go on tours around here and the weather isn’t cooperating. ^^’

So, at first I went with some others ESC volunteers, to zelezna studienka again but from a different path inside the woods to be more “adventurous”. I saw deers and squirrels running so fast that I couldn’t take a picture actually (what a pity). As we were hiking, I saw a lift that you could pay and get on board to take you down to the starting point of the forest. There was also a spot with traditional food and drinks where you can rest during your trip. Very peaceful and beautiful. And by the end we saw some snakes passing to us, but they are not poisonous so don’t be afraid. They are actually water snakes and they are more scared of you than you are of them. So cute!   

Alongside with trips, my office work is getting more and more interesting, because the covid rules are becoming less strict, and we have opportunities to work on some trainings and programs for the upcoming workcamps that they’ll take place to different parts of Slovakia. So, stay tuned at INEX and get informed to maybe participate to some of our volunteer projects, if you want to. We’ll be happy to see as many participants as possible.

I, also, visited Stara Trznica where there’s a local market and you can find second hand books, vinyls and of course all kind of food and groceries. There was a piano in the middle of it and a guy was playing music. The people are very friendly and they were trying to help you out, if you needed anything. As the days pass I went to Horšky Park which is huge and has very tall trees and you are surrounded by them! So many different paths to take and explore. But you have to be patient to explore it all, because I was walking for almost three hours and I felt like I haven’t seen anything yet. Take a bottle of water and go!


Next trip hopefully will be at a forest or a lake further than Bratislava. Till then, I hope you all have fun and spend time however you like it and you feel fulfilled! See you next month with a whole new experience! 

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