Two last months of my beloved project

12.12.2021 16:37 EZS Slovensko
The two last months of the year and the project are here, with so much good stuff being done. I said goodbye to loving friends and people I met in Slovakia. Nice memories and experiences waited for me!
In the beggining of November I was preparing for my virtual workshop about sex education.Together with the theoretical part, I tried to make it more interactive and added some ice-breaker games and energizers. And of course, we talked openly about our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. It's reassuring to know that the audience you are referring to, has the same opinions as you do.

In the meantime, I had a short trip in Spain/Malaga and met my friends there and visited some sight-seeings. I saw Alhambra castle (UNESCO monument) in Granada and it was a mini city by itself. Unfortunately, then the situation with covid went worse and a total lockdown came to Slovakia.

But ok, I tried to make the best of it and in the process Saint Nikolas day was coming in 6th of December. We prepared a video in the office as me, Helena and another friend dressed up as devil, angel and Saint Nikolas to make a Christmas sketch in slovak for the social centers Barlicka and Integra. We packed some gifts and gave it to them for Holidays. It was heartwarming knowing that they would be happy and smiling. 

One last thing I did was the online school presentation regarding "Bullying and discrimination". There were two different classes. First, I explained the definition of it and the forms. Then, I did an interactive exercise asking questions about their social backgrounds in order to observe and clarify that some things we take for granted, other people don't even consider them in their lives.

By the end of the week we are having our planned farewell gathering at the office. Saying goodbye to our helpful and kind colleagues, knowing of course, that I will see them again some day!


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