October's diary

03.11.2021 15:53 EZS Slovensko
The end of our project is close but not the fun, the trips and activities that are waiting for us! I am constantly meeting new and interesting people. So glad, I am part of it!

As October came in, I was excited that I was going to visit Banska Stiavnica, one of UNESCO cities in Slovakia. It’s a beautiful town and we were staying at another’s volunteer cottage house. We went hiking at a hill which has the most beautiful sunset across the place! Our company was full of amazing people and multicultural as always.

Then I went to Banska Bystrica for the first time here and also had a great time there. Among else, I visited the museum there and a local tea shop with amazing tea and decoration. You should definitely go, if you get the chance. It is a college-student city so it has many people from abroad and locals as well, who are very eager to help you.

After my short but fun trips, I returned to the office where I started prepare my virtual workcamp “sex education and the importance of it in schools”. It’s a wide thus difficult subject, but it thrives me to give my best and evolve. Along that time, we had a daily tea-meeting going to the dog shelter and take the doggs out for a walk. It was so sweet seeing them happy and all together have fun and discuss. We should make it an annual thing!

As usual, we went to the "Maltezsky Rad" lunches with the church and share food to the homeless people or those in need. And last but not least, we are preparing some online presentations for November along with our last team building gathering.

Next month appears to be very promising with many activities! Always enjoy your time and see you soon!


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